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Home > Williamson Manufacturing Co Ltd > OEM Peristaltic Pumps > 100 series Micro Peristaltic Pumps

The micro range of peristaltic pumps were designed by the Williamson Manufacturing Company to offer the OEM a low cost compact and reliable means of dosing a wide range of liquids.

As with all peristaltic pumps they have excellent suction performance, self-priming up to 5 metres from dry and capable of pumping up to 15 metres head pressure.

Peristaltic pumps offer a good level of accuracy and repeatability and as only the tube contacts the pumped media, they are corrosion resistant, easy to clean and inexpensive to maintain.

The 100 series pump heads have an ABS housing, 2 or 4  stainless steel rollers, and an acetal roller assembly to ensure durability and performance.

Flow rates differ for the 2 and 4 roller assemblies and according to tube size, from 2 Microlitres/minute up to 85 ml/min

The range of stock motors (including DC & AC synchronous) to fit the 100 series micro pump heads gives a good range of performance and is adaptable to many existing installations.

Variable speed drive controllers can be supplied to meet customers requirements.

In addition to motor/pump assemblies the 100 series pump is available as a pump head only, fitted with various tube materials.

For materials not shown on the website please contact our office for details.

The 100 series pump can also be stacked so that multiple pumps can be driven from one motor shaft.



PRODUCT CHANGE NOTIFICATION: Changing to 4mm D motor shaft Click HERE.

PLEASE NOTE from February 2019 the new design of 100 series is being supplied. The Classic design is still available to special order. Please contact our Sales Office for details.

100 series with AC powered motors100 series with AC powered motors
100 series without Motor100 series without Motor
100 series with DC powered motors
100 series Accessories, Spares, Fittings & Tubing100 series Accessories, Spares, Fittings & Tubing
Picture shows replacement DC gearmotor for 100 & 200 series pumps. Also available:- AC gearmotors, Tubing, connectors & brackets

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